Why golf in Turkey ?

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Turkish Golf Federation is the first legal golf federation which has been established in Turkish Republic in history. The federation is a very new one; continues its activities for 10 years but despite its strong vision, its young, dynamic and hard working team it depicts its future targets very clearly.
Although the federation is a new one, our connection with Golf as a sport is not so new. First in 1895 İstanbul citizens has met with golf by the establishment of İstanbul Golf Club which during that time had been named as "Constantinapole Golf Club". Since that day, golf has not been a commonly practiced sport in Turkey but it is still an old acquaintance for us.
Turkish Golf Federation which is active today, has been established in February 12, 1996 with the MDK/26 numbered decree of Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry and by Mr. Raif Bilir's personal efforts. Some activities of Turkish Golf Federation since its foundation is listed herebelow;

- Federation's foundation rules and regulations have been re-evaluated and some of them have been upgraded.

- According to the "Educational Support" agreement signed with "Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews", two golf referee courses have been given in 1999 and 2001; one in Klassis G. & C.C" and the other one in Kemer G. & C. C.

- To make golf a popular sport in Turkey, golf courses for students has been given in some pilot schools in Turkey. Two golf driving ranges have been opened; one is in Marmara University Sports Academy, the other is in Gölcük Naval Forces Education Base.

- With the special Golf Player Education Program the Federation has educated national golf players. Thus, Turkey has entered to international tournaments with the team.

- European Golf Association standards are applied in Turkish Federation Tournaments.

- 2001 International "mid-amateur" -over 35 years- tournament of European Golf Federation has been held in Antalya Gloria Golf Club.

- First Men Open Amateur Golf Tournament has been held in Antalya National Golf Club.

- İsmet Aktekin, member of board of directors of the Federation, has been elected the "Championship Committee Member" in European Golf Association's General Assembly meeting of October 20, 2001. European Golf Association has 33 European country members.

- Second Turkey Men Open Amateur Tournament was held in Kemer Golf & C.C. between October 2nd and 5th 2003.

- European Club Cup Trophy which is one of the most important tournaments of EGA was held in İstanbul Kemer Golf & C.C. between October 28th and November 2nd 2003. At this tournament Klassis Golf Club who has made the best points in Federation Selection Tournament among İstanbul Golf Club and Kemer Golf Club, has presented our country.As a result of close relations with European Golf Association, Turkey has been selected as the host country for the European Club Cup Trophy in 2005.